Half Slips with McCall’s 8164

As a rule of thumb, I sew what I am inspired to work on at that moment in time. I find that makes the process much more fun and helps me to keep enthused even if several muslins are required. Although I am also focusing on making things that fill a particular hole in my current wardrobe, and where possible are seasonally appropriate, that was definitely not the case when I broke out McCall’s 8164 and started working on it. This is a lovely slip pattern to be sure, but was hardly suited for the cold weather that was coming in!  

Still, I had enough of a leftover sheet from making muslins, and a scrap of secondhand lining fabric that to me seemed perfect for this task. The pattern was so quick to make that over the course of one video craft evening with a friend, I cut the pieces out and sewed the whole first muslin up! Of course, looking back there are a few things I would have tweaked. For example, looking up a proper tutorial for sewing side vents, as I wasn’t at all happy with how that went with the initial muslin or even the second. I was also surprised to find that the whole hip and upper thigh area was quite tight on me, despite it being about the same measurements I normally aim for on patterns. 

But I was so pleased with how quick and simple the pattern was, including the fact that it gave measurements of how long to cut the elastic for each size of the pattern! I whipped up another over the course of a second video craft evening, this time letting out the side seams from 5/8” to 3/8” in order to make it less tight. I figured that since the waist would be cinched in with elastic it wouldn’t matter so much whether there was a little bit of excess. I also finished the edges of the seams with my overlocker to stop the fabric unraveling quite so much. 

Overall, I am very impressed with how both of these turned out. However, after making them and testing them a bit I realised the silhouette wasn’t quite right. I needed something more circular than A-line, which is what these are. Still, they are rather comfortable and I will definitely be wearing them more in summer! 

Pattern: McCall’s 8164

Views Made: View C

Pros: Very quick to assemble from start to finish. It’s also easy to customise the sizing a bit as the waist is gathered with elastic.

Cons: Definitely suited to more fitted skirts and dresses than to those with a more circular shape.

Would I make it again: Probably not, as the two I have are already wonderful.

Would I recommend it for beginners: I would, with the caveat that the side split instructions are a little awkward. However, the construction otherwise is very beginner friendly!

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